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Information in this version is current as of the date of the original report. Best free tranny classified information contained in the original Report of Investigation has been deleted. Several days after Deutch's official departure as DCI, classified material was discovered on Deutch's government-owned computer, located at his Bethesda, Maryland residence. This report of investigation examines Deutch's improper handling of classified information during his tenure as DCI and how CIA addressed this matter. He also has two, no-fee contracts with the CIA. The first is to provide consulting services to the current DCI and his senior managers; this contract went into effect on December 16,has been renewed twice, and will expire in December

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As former intelligence professionals, we are well aware that strict guidelines are required for handling classified information. Both hard drives were then delivered to O'Neil.

§ (a) of The Espionage Act, captioned “Unauthorized removal and retention of classified. He reviewed in excess of 17, s of recovered text to determine which documents should be retained for possible future use in uxc relating to the unauthorized disclosure of classified information. O'Neil directed that the contract being prepared for Deutch be modified to authorize Deutch two computers for a period of one year.

Reformatting erases the tables that keep track of file locations but not 194 data itself, which maybe recoverable. Commercially available utility software was used to locate, restore, and print recoverable text files that had been erased. The technician stated that Deutch was also provided with an unclassified laptop that had an internal hard drive with modem and Internet access.

In an attempt to be exhaustive, the Senior Scientist wrote a software program to organize text fragments that appeared to have been part of uwc processing documents. January 13 Technical exploitation team begins the recovery process. This directory reflected Deutch as a user of Macintosh computers, a scientist, and as living in Bethesda, Maryland.

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What did Deutch learn at [an] operational briefing? American, European etc. According to the allegation, classified information was found on a computer configured for unclassified use usx Deutch's Maryland residence. The report reflects on predictions with as the base year and as the forecast period. The currency of all prices and other monetary sultry andrew should be stated.

Briefings that include classified information are held in Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities, rooms with elaborate protections to minimize eavesdropping.

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Sex talk website technician also installed a computer configured for unclassified use at Deutch's Maryland residence. The computer specialist recalled [that Deutch's Executive Assistant] relayed that he and Deutch had discussed the issue of installing the classified computer at Deutch's Maryland residence, and Deutch either did not believe he needed or was not comfortable having the classified computer in his home.

The technician stated that his purpose was to make it perfectly clear to Deutch and anyone else using these systems, what was uwc classified and unclassified use. Deutch maintaining the Government-owned computers and restated that we would be happy to assist moving Mr.

Despite this knowledge, Deutch. Further exploitation was performed on the copies.

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March 19 IG forwards crimes report to DoJ. CFDNature of dealinge. What are some uec of the classified material that was found? Deutch to a personally-owned platform.

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Were these entities notified? December 14 Deutch's last isc as DCI. Technical exploitation began with scanning for viruses and making an exact copy of each piece of media used by Deutch. He was charged under statute 18 U.S.C.

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The more important question is how does she escape being charged with 18 USCa law that she has already violated? In addition, a technical exploitation team was formed to exploit themagnetic media. Additionally, the team recovered journals 26 volumes of daily activities maintained by Deutch while he served at the DoD and CIA. January 22 Technical exploitation team documents that two hard drives contain free incest websites information and had Internet exposure after classified material placed on drives.

§ than $,'' and ''​fine under this title'' the second sections in title 5, United States Code. As near as I [Contractor] can tell the disk has become corrupted and while it appears to allow him [Deutch] to copy files it did not allow him to delete them. SIB conducts investigations primarily related to suitability and internal security concerns of the Agency. Such computers are vulnerable to attacks by unauthorized persons. What was OIG's involvement in this case?

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Additionally, unsecured classified magnetic media was found in Deutch's study at the residence. What information was found on Deutch's magnetic media? - Unauthorized removal and retention of classified documents or material · Summary · Document in Context. While at the Deutch residences, a contract engineer was to document the software applications residing on the computers and, at Deutch's request, install several software applications.

This in residual data being saved in storage space allocated to new documents and files.

Title 18 of the united states code -

TITLE 18—CRIMES AND CRIMINAL PROCEDURE. On April 14, the Attorney General declined prosecution and suggested a review to determine Deutch's suitability us continued access to classified information. InOIG learned that senior Agency officials were apprised of the of the OPS investigation but did not take action to properly resolve this matter.